Disc Pads

Today’s heavy transport industry is working at an unprecedented level so replacement parts have to perform in line with demand. Increases in engine power, higher levels of utilisation and more traffic on the roads means more demand on brakes. Increased demand means increased load in all forms, resulting in higher torque and temperatures for the brake and the need to perform above and beyond historic levels.

Our brake pads have been engineered to deliver consistent, reliable braking performance for today’s demanding environment. Our disc brake pad friction materials are independently tested against OE and other leading aftermarket products.

We strive to deliver the best solutions for our customers without compromising on quality and performance. Our wheel end systems are among the best in the world and our products are used on all continents. Our focus never deviates from our customers’ requirements, ensuring we provide the most advanced, efficient, cost effective and safe products on the market.

Michael Hurst - Vice President - Celerity Systems North America




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